About Us

Dana Evans and Kate Carrow each having 20+ years experience in the hair industry, combined their efforts in 2017 and Indigo Opal was born. They felt it was the right time in their lives to take on a new adventure and have a space of their own to do what they love. When the perfect space became available in downtown Rehoboth Beach, they knew it was meant to be. Indigo Opal is a comfortable, yet professional salon that offers an array of hair and nail services.




Our stylists here at Indigo Opal love making you look and feel your best. Our goal is to provide a clean, relaxed yet professional atmosphere. We encourage communication to help achieve your  most desired look. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on the newest techniques and trends while providing you with top of the line products to keep your hair healthy. A comfortable, positive visit means you should feel your best when you walk out the door and look forward to your next visit with us here at Indigo Opal.